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Services - Providing CART for the Hearing Impaired
What is CART?

Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) is an instant conversion of the spoken word into text.  The text appears instantly on a computer monitor or projected to a large screen. 

CART benefits people with all degrees of hearing loss.

A CART Provider uses a steno machine, realtime software, and computer to render instant speech-to-text translation on a computer monitor or other display for the benefit of an individual user or larger group in a variety of settings.

Specially-trained court reporters perform CART services.  To receive the highest quality product, users should consider hiring a Certified CART Provider, or CCP.  Certification reflects the CART Provider's extra training and dedication to the community.

CART is also referred to as Realtime Captioning.  The difference is CART is a full screen of text; Realtime Captioning contains text with a video picture.
CART Display Options:

Individual CART - This CART service is provided on a laptop for one user.

Projected CART - For larger groups, CART is projected onto a screen.

Remote CART - The CART Provider is in a separate location and listens to the audio via speakerphone or microphone system.  The text is sent to the user's computer via the Internet.  The user(s) are provided a link to view the text via the Internet.

No special software is needed by the user to utilize CART.

View this Remote CART demonstration:

CART is helpful in the following situations:

  • Classrooms
  • Conference Calls in the Workplace
  • Conventions and Trainings
  • Courtrooms
  • Doctor Appointments
  • Public Meetings & Hearings
  • Weddings & Funerals
  • Anywhere Communication Access is needed
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